About Me

Alice Tew BSc (Hons) Registered MBACP

Is life getting on top of you?

If you're running around spinning plates knowing it's only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down

Or maybe you're already stood staring at the broken pieces on the floor – you're in the right place.

You're feeling stressed out, irritated and seriously exhausted with everything you're having to keep on top of. In your long list you might have

  • Work
  • Children
  • Your partner
  • Housework
  • Looking after ill or elderly parents
  • Organising and planning all the things no-one else remembers to think about
  • and somewhere down the bottom of your long list is you (as if you'll ever get around to anything for you).

And you just can't seem to relax...

Alice Tew - Counsellor and Psychotherapist - Courage Therapies
Alice Tew - Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Do you want to be a happier, healthier parent?

But lets imagine for a moment that you could do something for you. Have you heard the saying “You can't pour from an empty cup?”

Taking an hour each week for therapy is actually an investment in yourself and benefits those around you as well. It's a way to pause and refuel so that you can keep looking after everything you need to without burning out in the process.

By taking this time, you can be calmer, ready to face each challenge as it comes and deal with it without blowing your top or bursting into tears. You can get back to feeling in control and actually enjoying life instead of just surviving it.

I help you find calm, clarity and real, lasting change.

I can help you create a life you love

I'm a highly qualified and fully insured counsellor and psychotherapist offering weekly sessions to individuals and couples in and around Nottinghamshire. I'm a Registered Member of BACP and I have completed a BACP Accredited BSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I come to our sessions with a commitment to authenticity and a promise to be genuine with you. I don't come to our sessions playing a role. I come as I am – with my qualifications, skills, understanding and experience, and also as a human; gentle, kind and warm-hearted, valuable and flawed.

Book your first appointment, read more about how I work or read more about what I can help with.

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