Anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Anger is an important and healthy emotion provided it’s managed well.

If it isn’t managed well, it’s a different story. You can find yourself struggling with your relationships, your children, your job and staying out of trouble with authorities.

A healthy relationship with anger means being able to speak up in a respectful way when something has bothered you. Were you taught not to make a fuss or felt that nobody listened to you when you were angry? If so, you might have learned to bottle things up. You might find that you keep reaching boiling point and exploding at the people you care about the most.

If you’re struggling with anger it’s highly likely that you’ve also experienced feelings of shame. Are you criticised by others or by criticising yourself for your outbursts?

Therapy can help…

Therapy offers you a safe space to explore your angry feelings without being judged. It takes courage to look into our own destructive behaviours but the rewards are so worth the discomfort.

Once you’ve got to grips with expressing your anger in a healthy way you may notice your intimate relationships are happier and closer, your children enjoy spending more time with you and your workplace becomes a more satisfying place to spend your time.

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