Anxiety can make even the simplest task feeling impossible.

You might be managing to put on a brave face, battling through so nobody knows you’re struggling. You might be completely overwhelmed by it and unable to leave your house. Or you might be anywhere in between. You might have felt this way for as long as you can remember or it may be completely new to you following a stressful or upsetting event.

Anxiety can present in many forms and not always in the way we expect. Panic attacks are a classic sign but you might also be:

  • struggling to sleep even when you’re exhausted
  • worried about your health
  • be preoccupied with you or your loved ones dying
  • feeling sick or tearful
  • convinced that everyone is thinking negatively about you

Therapy can help…

The idea of starting therapy might make you feel anxious too but the good news is that I am qualified and experienced in working with people like you. Before long, those anxious feelings will ease and you will feel much more able to talk about the difficulties you are facing. This will give us an idea of what it is you will need in order to feel calmer and more confident.

I can provide you with:

  • A safe space to explore what you’re feeling at your own pace
  • Understanding your anxiety and what is contributing to it
  • Support to make changes that will ease your anxiety
  • The tools to develop better relationships and boundaries to reduce the risk of anxiety returning.

Make an appointment or book online today.

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